Kickstart the Lunar New Year celebrations with AdLunam! 🚀

4 min readFeb 7, 2024
Chinese New Year 2024!

From February 7th to February 10th, we’re rolling out the red carpet for a roaring good time as we gear up for Chinese New Year 2024! 🎊 Here’s your exclusive pass to join in the festivities and score some epic rewards along the way:

Timeframe: Mark your calendars from February 7th, 12:00 UTC, to February 10th, 23:59 UTC.

Ready? Let’s Dive In! 🏊‍♂️

Let’s have a daily catch up! Visit us daily for new tasks and a chance to win ‘DragonFire! 🐲 🔥

  1. Follow us everywhere: X(Previously Twitter), Telegram, and Medium.
  2. Give us your best Dragon roar: Drop a comment or emoji under our pinned posts every day.
  3. Spread the love: Retweet the AdLunam tweet and tag 5 pals.

New quests open daily!!👀

Day 1 — February 7th

Kickstart this party with a bang! 🎇

  1. Engage & share: Like, retweet, and comment on our pinned tweet. Don’t forget to tag 5 of your buddies!
  2. Telegram Talk: Dive into 5 comments about AdLunam on Telegram. Let’s get chatting! (And yes GMs count too)

Day 2 — February 8th

It’s DIVIC Day! 🎙️

Interact in our engaging ‘Diving into Crypto’ PODCAST with Philip Lord from Oobit!

  1. Podcast participation: Like & Retweet about DIVIC (day 2 pinned post). Sprinkle in that #$LUNAM hashtag magic! Let’s get the conversation flowing!
  2. X Spaces shenanigans: Join our X spaces session and add your 24 Carat 💰💰 cents. Your voice matters! Upload Proof of your participation to ensure that you can amass the points and inch towards more rewards.

Day 3 — February 9th

Big News Alert! 🚨

Accelerator buzz: Yes! Our accelerator launches today! We are counting on our community to pass the word, so show us some love on the Accelerator launched tweet.

Like, retweet, and comment tagging 3 hottest web3 projects on your watchlist and use hashtag #02IDO. Oh, and tag 5 influencers for good measure!

Day 4 — February 10th

Let’s End on a high note! 💥

  1. New Year Cheers: Share a MEMEtastic AdLunam meme with the theme “New Year Resolution”. Tag us, throw in those lucky hashtags #LunarNewYear, #$LUNAM, and #luck. Spread the joy!
  2. Telegram Toast: Extend your New Year wishes to our Telegram crew. Let’s keep the good vibes flowing!

And Now, the Moment You’ve Been Waiting For… 🥁

Rewards Galore

  1. Grand Prize — Dragonfire! : $75 (Woo-hoo!)
  2. Second Prize — Celestial Dragon: $50
  3. Third Prize — Imperial Dragons: $30
  4. 8 Jade Dragons : $10 each
  5. 13 Lucky Ki-rin Dragons: $5 each

Remember, keep your TRC20 wallet addresses on standby for your Rewards! 🎉

Watch out for Bonus points that can boost you to the TOP of the Leaderboard!!

(Tag 20 friends — earn 1 point for each friend tagged! And remember referral points get added too.. ROAR!!)

Get ready to paint the town red with AdLunam this Chinese New Year! 🎨🧧 Don’t miss out on the fun, the excitement, and your chance to bag some sweet rewards. Let’s make this Lunar New Year one for the books! 🚀🎊

Disclaimer: All rewards and outcomes of the Festive Follow & Roar quest are subject to AdLunam’s final decision, which will be fair and just. While we strive to ensure transparency and fairness in all aspects of the event, AdLunam reserves the right to make any necessary adjustments or decisions as deemed appropriate. Rest assured, we are committed to providing an enjoyable and equitable experience for all participants. Leaderboard scores are final.

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