AdLunam Welcomes Blockchain Visionary Raj Kapoor to its Advisory Network

4 min readJun 18, 2024


AdLunam Inc. is delighted to share the onboarding of Raj Kapoor, the Founder and Chairman of the India Blockchain Alliance, as an empanelled advisor🙌. With Raj’s unparalleled expertise and visionary leadership in the blockchain and AI space, AdLunam is poised to revolutionize the Web3 investment landscape.

Raj Kapoor is a globally recognized authority in blockchain technology🌐⛓️ and artificial intelligence 🤖🧠. As the Founder of the India Blockchain Alliance, he leads the largest Indian think tank dedicated to emerging technologies. He also serves as the Chairman of the Global Alliance for Artificial Intelligence and Innovation and sits on the advisory boards of over 60 blockchain companies, including Floyx, Spherium, and Cypher Blockchain😎.

A Multifaceted Leader in the Blockchain Landscape

Raj’s accomplishments span a wide spectrum: he is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), a Blockchain Solution Architect, and a FinTech educator. His roles include Chief Blockchain Consultant for Tata Elxsi Ltd. and CEO of Growth Alley Inc., USA. Raj’s visionary approach to AI and blockchain technology has made him a sought-after speaker at international tech events, where he shares his insights and promotes ethical and responsible AI practices.

Raj Kapoor’s influence extends beyond speaking engagements. He has authored over 20 courses on blockchain, fintech, DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse, implemented by leading edtech platforms such as NASSCOM, NSDC, CII, and UnAcademy. He has also been recognized as a top cryptocurrency and blockchain influencer and has received the Thought Leadership Award by Industry Insight in Las Vegas 👏.

In a statement, Raj expressed:

“I am excited to join forces with AdLunam, a pioneer in the Web3 investment space. Together, we will push the boundaries of blockchain innovation, creating a robust and dynamic ecosystem that empowers both investors and projects. This partnership is a significant step towards a more decentralized, transparent, and equitable future.”

Raj is currently working on several groundbreaking projects, including the development of India’s indigenous Layer 0 blockchain and various sustainable blockchain initiatives aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He is also heading the E-Notary project for the Government of Gujarat and represents India at the G2️⃣0️⃣ committee on crypto compliance and frameworks.

AdLunam and Raj Kapoor: A Shared Vision 🚀

The collaboration between AdLunam and Raj Kapoor marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 investments. AdLunam, known for its innovative Engage-to-Earn NFT-integrated IDO seedpad and Zero2IDO launchpad, aims to leverage Raj’s expertise to enhance its unique Proof-of-Attention mechanism. This collaboration is set to empower both investors and projects, creating a dynamic and inclusive Web3 investment ecosystem 🎇.

“AdLunam is excited to welcome Raj Kapoor as an empanelled advisor. Raj’s valuable expertise in blockchain and emerging technologies aligns with our mission at AdLunam where we propel innovation; especially with our Zero2IDO program that consists of promising portfolio companies. These projects will hugely benefit from Raj’s advisory acumen and his strong relationships with institutional investors, partners and market makers. I am looking forward to collaborating with Raj to create a sustainable Web3 future that benefits retail investors, institutional investors, and emerging companies, all while building strong communities.” — Nadja Bester, Co-founder, AdLunam.

AdLunam is at the forefront of Web3 investments, offering early access to promising projects, expert advisory services, and connections with institutional investors, launchpads, exchanges, and media partners. AdLunam’s Engage-to-Earn ecosystem integrates NFTs into its IDO seedpad, allowing investors to monetize their social capital while providing projects with access to highly engaged retail investors.

The X-Factor of AdLunam

AdLunam’s unique model offers several advantages:

✴️Investor Community Meets IDO Platform: Creating a seamless interaction between investors and project developers.

✴️NFT Integration: Innovatively incorporating NFTs into the investment process.

✴️Community-Centric Marketing: Ensuring that marketing spend benefits the community.

✴️Exclusive Seedpad Access: Providing early access to high-potential projects.

✴️Transforming IDO Community Growth: Fostering a robust and supportive investment community.

✴️Hands-On Advisory Services: Offering expert guidance to ensure project success.

AdLunam’s extensive network includes partnerships with industry giants such as Polygon, LBANK, and many others. These partnerships open doors to unrivaled opportunities in the Web3 investment space.

The addition of Raj Kapoor as an advisor to AdLunam signifies a powerful synergy 💪that will drive innovation and growth in the blockchain and Web3 investment ecosystem. With Raj’s visionary leadership and AdLunam’s cutting-edge platform, the future of blockchain investments looks exceptionally promising.

Join AdLunam on the Journey Ahead

AdLunam invites investors and enthusiasts to join the journey towards a decentralized future 🆙.

About AdLunam

AdLunam is a comprehensive Web3 investment ecosystem for early-stage startups. We support them with Tokenomics, community growth, VC fundraising and IDO launches; and revolutionize both institutional and retail investor experiences with our Engage to Earn platform. Our Zero2IDO program guides projects through the decentralized ecosystem’s complexities, ensuring their success.

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