AdLunam Accelerator: Launching you from Zero to IDO

2 min readFeb 9, 2024


We are excited to introduce the AdLunam Accelerator’s groundbreaking program, “Zero to IDO.” It is designed to guide and propel emerging projects through the intricate journey from inception to its Initial DEX Offering (IDO). This accelerator leverages our extensive industry expertise, community and brand-building experience, and an ever expanding ecosystem to catapult your IDO successfully 🚀🌌

Navigating the Web3 World with Precision

Joining the AdLunam Accelerator’s “Zero to IDO” program is your trajectory to success in the Web3 universe. With our program, you’ll tap into a wide network of partners and investors, and a supportive community, Instantly!

Key Features of the Zero to IDO Accelerator:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Community Growth: Benefit from our community growth expertise to establish and expand your project’s reach.

👨‍🏫 Project Advisory: Guidance from our industry experts to refine your project strategy and execution.

💹 Fundraising: Navigate the fundraising landscape confidently with our proven processes, ensuring your project is prepared for venture capital investments.

🔊 Trust Marketing, Media & Events: Gain exposure through targeted media coverage and participation in industry events, fostering brand visibility.

🤝 Network of Partners: Unlock doors to partnerships with our extensive network, connecting you with key players in the Web3 space.

💎 Launchpads & CEXs IDO: Facilitate a successful IDO launch through partnerships with top-ranked launchpads and secure listings on major centralized exchanges.

Our extensive partnership ecosystem sets up your project to receive the backing and resources it needs to thrive in the competitive Web3 landscape. Are you ready? We are!🎇🥇

First Cohort Starts on Feb 12th. Contact us on our website Sign up today!


About AdLunam

AdLunam is the all-in-one Web3 investment ecosystem empowering early stage startups, from Tokenomics to community growth, VC fundraising to IDO launches and our unique Engage to Earn platform, we are transforming the way that investors experience the world of Web3 investing and dynamic NFTs, and through our monthly Web3 pitch arena, we are bridging the gap between innovative startups and venture capital.

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